The Gospels are streaming on Netflix

These videos are unique portrayals because the narration is word for word from the Bible.  The actors speak Aramaic wich you sometimes hear.  It gives a fresh perspective to the Bible.  It was filmed in Morocco.  Jerusalem and the temple were computer generated.  This is an easy way to study the Bible.  The actor as Jesus was very believable.

If you are new to our church or to the Lakeland area, we welcome you.  If you are looking for a church home, we would love to give you more information about our church, our beliefs, and our programs.  You can find out some things about us in these pages...

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Whether you are taking a journey or starting out on a new path in life, consider "The Traveler's Psalm" and let it guide your way.




Service Times

Sunday Worship (Traditional) 10:30am
Sunday Worship (Spanish) 12:00 noon
Weekdays (Morning prayer) 7:00am

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March 27
MENU: grilled Key West Style Fish with onions and peppers, parsley new potatoes, tossed salad, rolls and Pineapple Upside Down Cake
PROGRAM: See if you can Guess the Program?

March Back Pack Ministry Food of the Month
Peanut Butter, with a choice of two types:
Jars of peanut butter; 15 - 17 oz. jars; name-brands and store brands
are accepted. These will be part of the summer food package in May.
Jif-to-Go; boxes of 8 individual serving cups. These individual cups
are used about twice a month in the weekly food packages, and will be
needed in April and May.
Donations may be placed in the box in the narthex for Back Pack Food
Donations. Thank you for helping to support this important ministry