We would love to help you with your wedding.

The church believes that marriage is a sacred occasion.  While it has a social and legal aspect, these are secondary to its spiritual significance.  It is the love between a man and a woman, pledged to each other, in the presence of God, family, and friends, that is of first importance.

So, in addition to being a joyous occasion, your wedding is a sacred worship service.

The following policies and procedures are intended to keep the focus of the ceremony on the sacredness of the vows the bride and groom are making.  We look forward to sharing this sacred and special event with you.


Contact the church office to check availability of dates.  Pre-marital counseling is required.  Call the office to set these dates with the pastor.


Charges and fees associated with the wedding ceremony include fixed fees for use of the facilities and the personnel who will assist you in making your wedding a memorable occasion.  A $50.00 deposit is required at the time of scheduling.  All fees should be paid one week prior to the wedding ceremony. 

An Active Member is an attending and contributing member for at least six months preceding the wedding application.


Service Active members


Refundable deposit $50 $50
Sanctuary - $300
Fellowship Hall  - $100
Success House -


Candelabras (please provide your own candles) - -
Organist $150


Custodian (no reception) $100


Custodian (with reception) $125


Sound Engineer $50


Pastor Honorarium Member's discretion