We made it

We made it!!!!! Thanks to all of you who participated.

This has been an unusual Lent, for sure. We hope that however you earned your miles - through a discipline of Bible study, service, or exercise - that your efforts to exercise the physical body by walking; exercise the spiritual body by devotions and praying; or exercise the mind by learning about other persons, countries, or cultures were fruitful.

Not all results are in... but even with only 1/3 of walkers reporting their final mileage I can confirm that we made it safely home, with 198 miles to spare. Collectively, we walked 3084 miles, which is equivalent to a round trip walk from Lakeland to JFK airport and various spots around Jerusalem, plus some side trips to the En Gedi desert, Bethlehem, the church where Jesus turned water into wine, and where Jesus taught the Beatitudes.

Thank you for participating! We would love to hear about any insights you gained on this journey, or health goals that you accomplished.

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