Walk to Jerusalem progress update

We have had excellent participation in our Walk to Jerusalem!

As of last Saturday, we are halfway through Lent, and together we have walked 1924 miles: over 158% of our original land journey!  

Instead of wandering around like the Israelites long ago, waiting for someone to tell us where to go, we have added these journeys from our initial stop in Jerusalem:

  • The En Gedi desert; 
  • Petra;
  • Bethlehem;
  • The church where Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding at Cana; and
  • The mountain near Capernaum where Jesus taught the Beatitudes!

We have had a bit of a whirlwind tour – and some of us may be exhausted! In the coming weeks, do we return to Lakeland on foot, or see more sights? We have had votes for visiting Bethany and Nazareth. Where else?

Consider showing us where YOU are walking this week! Hopefully we can organize congregational walks and discover some of the beautiful local trails, such as the Marshall Hampton Reserve, Saddle Creek, Gator Creek, and Lake Parker. 

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