College Heights United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Coffee Ministry

Since 1986 Equal Exchange, a worker-owned co-operative, has worked with small farmer co-operatives in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the U.S. building just trading relationships based on trust, fair prices, affordable credit and environmental sustainability. 

Equal Exchange's Interfaith Program partners with faith-based relief, development and human rights organizations and works with communities of faith as they learn about and promote Fair Trade. People of faith are living out their values through their consumer choices, and farming communities are providing for their families, greening our planet and building a better future. 

Yet the small farmers who grow our coffee often struggle just to make a simple living. Most live in rural communities in some of the poorest countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Isolated from markets, they are forced to accept low prices. Without affordable credit, they become trapped in a cycle of debt. Many lack access to adequate housing, healthcare and education. 

But there is an alternative: 
Fair Trade

. In partnership with congregations and faith-based organizations Equal Exchange's Interfaith Program is a bridge between these communities and our own. By paying a fair price, working with democratic cooperatives, offering affordable credit and supporting sustainable agriculture, Equal Exchange helps farmers to build better lives for themselves and their families.


College Heights UMC has partnered with Equal Exchange to sell their products, at cost + shipping, for our members and all interested, and we use their coffees for our fellowship groups.  You'll find a display of products in the Fellowship Hall, on the first floor below the Sanctuary in the main building.  Stop in and select some coffee, chocolate, or tea -- you'll enjoy the delicious taste and feel good about your support of farmers in rural communities around the world!  We also have dried fruit, candy, olive oil and many other items.


A great recipe using equal exchange products