College Heights United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Summer Pot Luck Dinners


Summer Wednesday Potlucks are coming soon!  They will be held the months of .June, July and August.  We are trying a new approach - Healthy Potluck Dinner.  We would like to see healthier dinners - If you pick up chicken avoid the fried chicken, instead go for the Rotisserie or Baked.  Maybe the store would pre-cut it for you.  Casserole?  Try a lower calorie version of your favorite.  We all love Vegetable Dishes.  Crockpot?  There are delicious recipes to be found on line.  Maybe you would want to offer a vegetarian, gluten or dairy free dish.  Please label it as such.   Fresh fruit is another alternative.

Many of us have special needs with eating.  We could be diabetic, gluten or dairy intolerant.  We may just be trying to lose a few pounds. Maybe we have become conscious of healthier eating habits or we are vegetarian.  Whatever the reason, we want our church family dinners to be inviting to all.  Please join us for Wednesday Night Healthy Potluck Dinners throughout the summer.  And don’t forget to check the website - a new healthy recipe will be posted on the Wednesday Night Dinner page each week.

Wednesday Night Dinners and Programs    

You are invited to share delicious food and friendly fellowship, followed by enriching programs.  Dinners begin at 5:45 in the Fellowship Hall, with the programs at 6:30.  Most musical programs will be held in the sanctuary.

Make your reservation Sunday morning on the attendance pad or call the church office by Tuesday.  (682-8191)  If you wish to make a permanent reservation, indicating that you will be present each week, please write “permanent” or place the letter “P” by your name on the attendance pad.  Should you need to change your reservation, including the number or to cancel, notify the church office.  The permanent reservation list is not carried over from the previous season.

Dinner prices remain the same and are:  Adult - $8.00; Youth - $6.00 (6 - 12 grades); Child - $4.00 (kindergar-ten - 5th grade); and Family - $20.00 (two adults with children/youth).  Beverages are included.  A vegetarian selection is available when requested with reservation.



Even if you can't join us for dinner, please join us for our Wednesday Night Program, which follows the dinner.  These programs vary from week to week.  You are invited to come to any and all that interest you.  Most of these programs are held in the Fellowship Hall with some musical programs in the Sanctuary. 

Dinners and Programs have ended for the 2016-2017 year.  We will start up in September