Back Pack Ministry

The College Heights Back Pack Ministry provides a back pack of food items to students a Dixieland Elementary School who have been identified by he school as not having enough to eat over a weekend.   





Although we continue to refer to this program as the Back Pack Ministry, in place of back packs we will be using environmentally-friendly brown paper tote bags.  Not only will these be easier to pack with the weekly supply of food, but their smaller size will make delivery easier each week. 

The Back Pack Ministry exists because of the faithful efforts of our congregation as it is not part of the budget and does not receive funds from regular pledges and offerings.  Donations must be specifically designated for “Back Pack Ministry” to be made available to the program.  Your generous response of donations and/or actual items to the special programs - - - “Food of the Month,” Thanksgiving Boxes, Angel Tree Christmas gifts, “Undie Sunday,” and school uniforms; and donation of your time are vitally important as contributions of funds and items would be of no use without the dedicated volunteers who purchase, organize, pack, and deliver the food and other items to the school. 

Over the past couple of years, the number of volunteers has dwindled, leaving a relatively small group of faithful members to keep the program going.  We ask you to seriously consider joining our team.  Tasks include setting up the food in preparation for packing, packing the bags, delivering the filled bags to the school, and picking up the empty bins from the school.  We especially could use more Delivery Volunteers, which includes carrying bins of packed bags from the Food Room to your car, driving to Dixieland Elementary, and carrying the bins up a few stairs into the office. 

Contact Denie Garrett ( or 660- 1240) or Dale Alderman (813-754-3917) for more information.  Training is provided!