College Heights United Methodist Church
Saturday, February 24, 2018


Ministry is not delivering Backpacks through the Summer.  Please look at Sunday Bulletins and the Newsletter for current information.

The College Heights Back Pack Ministry Provides a back pack of food items to students a Dixieland Elementary School who have been identified as not having enough to eat over a weekend.  It is now time to organize for the new school year.  If you would like to begin working with this program this school year, contact the church office for a form to complete indicating your interest.  Volunteers from year's past much "register" to participate also.


Some special food items you might like to purchase are

shelf-stable milk - Hershey's or TruMoo - white or chocolate only - 8 oz. boxes

Ritz crackers fresh stacks, Nabisco Graham cracker fresh stack, and premium saltimes fres stack.

Tune salad kit adnd chicken salad kit - with peel back lid - 3.5 oz. - plain 

Light tuna in water in foil pouch

Raisins - six snack size boxes per package

Jars of peanut butter - 16 - 17 oz. jars only - used for long weekends and holiday breaks


Once again we are donating school supplies to Dixieland Elementary School.  Donations may be brought to the church through September 13.

Needed supplies are listed below.

  Facial tissues

  Disinfecting wipes

  Plastic pencil boxes

  Bic pens


  Dry erase markers - low odor, chisel point

  Small pencil sharpener with cover

  Erasers - large, pink 

  Spiral notebooks - wide ruled

  Elmer's glue stick, large (22g)

  Zipper storage bags - quart or gallon size

  Hand sanitizer (bottle)

  #2 pencils



  Colored pencils

  Scissors - 5"blunt/rounded or 7" student

  Pocker folder s- with or without brads

  Notebook paper - wide ruled

  Elmer' s glue







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































       PACKERS to pack the backpacks on Thursdays;  
       DROP-OFF at Dixieland on Friday mornings;
       PICK-UP from Dixieland on Monday mornings;
       SHOPPERS to get the food (we can buy in bulk if we find a  
       good price); packages of 15 are appreciated; and
       ORGANIZERS to prepare sign-up sheets, send e-mail   
       reminders, and circulate information.
 If you’re willing to help, please e-mail or call the office with your interest.